Gildan Esprit de She Giveaway #2!

Hello, DIVAS!

The countdown continues! Are you ready for more Gildan giveaway goodies? Starting September 9th, I will be raffling off this super cute pink Gildan-branded notebook! What a great way to journal or keep a record your next training plan!


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Good Luck and Run Like A DIVA!



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2014-11-06 19.29.02

Countdown to the GILDAN Esprit de She Atlanta 5K/10K!


We’re just 3 months away from the GILDAN Esprit de She Atlanta 5K and 10K and the giveaways are just getting started!

As an Ambassador for the 2nd year in a row and a Founding Finisher, I can promise you this is a great event and fun way to spend a Thursday ladies’ night out with your girls!

From now until the race, I will be giving away various swag (and then some) each month as the countdown continues!

For August 5 – September 4, I will be giving away this GILDAN red cotton tee (available in size small only) PLUS a bottle of red wine! So if you spill some on your shirt, it blends in! :-)


Disclaimer: Bottle in picture may vary from the actual winning bottle.

Here’s how to WIN!

That’s it! Just a few clicks and you’re entered to WIN! Winners will be selected randomly and must reside in the Atlanta area. The winner will be announced on September 4th!

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Good Luck and Run Like a DIVA!


Fitness Reality Check: Cardio or Strength First?


This debate on whether to do cardio or strength training first has come up a lot recently and even clients have asked me what they should do first.

As if reading their minds, ACE recently put out an article which addressed this very issue. While giving scientific studies on the issue and a handy little chart, I couldn’t help but come away with my own answer to this question after reading this article.

Who cares?!

In a society where we have shown time and again that most people lead a sedentary lifestyle thanks to technology and the workplace, where if you sit like a good little employee you are commended for appearances of productivity. If you walk around for any reason, you’re not getting your job done.

In a society where P.E. has been ripped from the school programs in favor of forcing kids and adolescents to sit more and not exercise out their bottled up energy which I believe not only is contributing to the obesity in kids but also frustrating teachers who are dealing with the effects this has on their students.

As a personal trainer who works with a variety of clients at a variety of levels, I’m just happy to hear my clients tell me they exercised on their own during the week and not just for our session together. In 99% of my clients’  workouts, I infuse cardio with strength training. Where’s that combination in the chart? Honestly, my job at the end of the day is to get people to MOVE.

For the sake of trying to prove the point that exercise is important, I feel the fitness professional community has become a little too complicated and reached a little too far with all these scientific studies. Sure, a fitness professional like myself may want to have this information at my disposal so that I can better design my clients’ programs and provide evidence-based and informed answers to clients. But at the end of the day, when I have clients asking me because they’re afraid they’re not doing their workout in the right order, I have to say it plainly.

It just doesn’t matter.

Understanding that most exercise, especially running, is psychological, a large part of my job is being a psychologist at times. I have to help my clients navigate through tough times when working out is at the end of the to-do list, either because of work schedules, family time, and heavy marathon training schedules. I have to get to the bottom mental line at figuring out how I can help them stay motivated and motivate themselves. Some days I feel like a therapist, priest, bartender and trainer/coach!

I work with real people out there not Olympic athletes. And while I do feel that this information may be valid and valuable, it throws out common sense. Haven’t we confused enough people already? First, eggs were bad for you. Now, they are the perfect food and contain all the nutrients we need. Before, nuts symbolized fat and if you ate one you may as well expect to gain a lot of weight. Now, they are a great snack and source of good fats so long as you don’t have too many. Practicing moderation in consumption is not science. It is common sense.

So, let’s get to the bottom line. I don’t care what my clients do in what order so long as they are doing something to move their bodies and get their heart rate up and keep it up for at least 30 minutes, even if it’s 10 minutes at a time. Got 10? Run around the block a few times or get a mile in. Not all my clients have a solid hour in a day to exercise, and neither do I some days.

Sometimes, workouts are broken up into segments and as long as we’re getting 30 minutes to an hour in each day, there are health benefits. What we should be doing is encouraging movement with a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility.

I certainly don’t want to discourage people by thinking if they are trying to lose weight but they do cardio first that they won’t lose a pound so then they give up or don’t even try. I can assure you that all my clients who began initially working with me and needed to lose weight lost weight because they started to move their bodies and burn calories, regardless of the order of workout.

I also don’t want to break the bad news to my running clients training for their next marathon that they’re going to bomb in their race if they’re not running before they do weights.

So, let’s be real. Whether you run first and do weights later or vice versa, do what you can when you can as long as you are doing something.

Let’s encourage people to just get started, shall we?

Run Like an Olympian!

“I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.”
-Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon

I recently had the privilege of meeting Hazel Clark, 3-time Olympic Runner. I was attending the Women’s Leadership Forum presented by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and The Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. As we gathered to eat lunch after attending some wonderful breakout sessions on women in business, the hostess introduced Hazel and she rose to speak to us about her transition from career runner to career motivator and Health and Wellness Ambassador. The more she spoke about her experience, the more I nodded my head until I almost nodded it right off my body. See, she conveyed what all running coaches know and what I try to drill into my clients’ heads also.

2015-04-17 13.29.00

Have a short-term memory. Hazel shared how she almost let a failure set her back and take from her an enormous Olympic win. Failing is part of life. But wallowing in that failure is going to rob life from you. You can’t let failure have the last word. Forget about it and move on. Keep running towards that goal. If you trip and fall along the way, get up and keep going.

Have a champion mindset. A champion mindset sees the goal and keeps moving towards it. Using that short-term memory, staying positive and continuing to work at achieving the goal rather than giving up entirely. Turn that negative outcome into something positive and learn from any mistakes along the way. Those mistakes or failures are part of learning success. Whether you come in first or last, running will teach you many of life’s greatest lessons in dealing with setbacks and staying the course.

Leave it all on the track. Simply put, do your best – every time. We all know when we’re not giving it our all. Always give it all. Just when you think you don’t have anything left, there’s still a little bit left to give or a little farther you can run. Sure, some days we’re just tired, distracted, or not feeling well. But always give everything you can. I never regret a workout. Apart from illness, I always regret not doing one. While I never condone running through an injury or running when resting is necessary, sticking to a training plan is key to running success.

Take the first step. My specialty is working with women who are beginning runners or who want to take it to the next level. I want women to not be afraid to try because they’re too intimidated by those who are always winning races. I want these ladies to know that running is very personal and every person who gets up and tries and finishes is a winner! A huge part of life is finishing the drill. Some only want to win awards, but most just want to enjoy it and run injury-free and enjoy the journey (and scenery) that comes with running. Running smart is the best running!

It’s comforting to know that even Olympic runners experience the exact same struggles that those of us who will never go to the Olympics experience. No matter the pace, no matter the race, we’ve all found this common ground.

For more info on how to get started with running or improve, email me at!

March Madness Giveaway – Esprit de She Cycling Jersey!

10313620_10153142926399222_3114176342017361121_n There’s still time to get moving with this awesome cycling jersey by registering through March 31 for any 2015 GILDAN Esprit de She event using referral code EDS037! I have THREE jerseys to giveaway. Here’s how to win:

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Your cycling jersey will arrive before April 30! GOOD LUCK! :-)

2015-03-23 14.14.532015-03-23 14.15.16

Marathon Recap and Recovery

“I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.” -Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon


Finally a Marathon Girl!

It has finally happened. I have completed my first full marathon. I’ve run several half marathons and shorter distance races, but now the journey to go all the way has been achieved.

It might seem ironic that I haven’t run a full marathon as a running coach but as I share with my clients, all of whom have completed full marathons, a full marathon is a a much bigger commitment of time and effort. Know what you’re getting into and commit to it.

With my schedule being one of juggling multiple jobs, giving my time to others and their events rather than being able to focus on my own personal goals has been my focus. I have coached many others to their marathon running success, but now it was my turn.


Pumped and ready to Start!

Last autumn, I was able to find the right marathon for the right, preferred running climate (winter and cold temps – yay!) and at the right time before the rest of my year is jam packed full of hosting events (starting in April) and training others to their running success and the the rest of life as I know it.


Mile 17 – feeling lucky!

In short, I picked the best race I could ever have hoped to have run as my first marathon on March 15, The Asheville Marathon. I knew about the race because my husband and I got married in Asheville last year around the same time as the race and I had seen their flyers around town.

The race is held entirely on the Biltmore Estate grounds, we had perfect and beautiful running weather, and the entire experience could not have been better. The volunteers were amazing and so energized. Even the runners were encouraging as we passed each other on “out and back” parts of the course. I found myself along with other runners snapping pictures along the way and just enjoying 26.2 miles as much as possible. Would I return? Absolutely.


About Mile 14-15 – beautiful countryside

I even surprised my husband at how well I felt afterwards. I never hit “the wall.” I hit a wind (full on gusting) in the last 3 miles that slowed me down a bit at the end but I was not in any pain and had only some tightness and fatigue afterwards but I’ve recovered nicely. After all, I’m a running coach so I was as prepared as they come! :-) Nevertheless, a trip to the Biltmore Winery after finishing definitely helped move my recovery along! :-)


Cheers to Finishing!

As part of my recovery, last Friday I FINALLY redeemed a massage certificate that was a Christmas gift because it was time to iron some of those running kinks out. I’m a big believer in massage therapy! I could probably have one massage a day for a month before returning to normal because like it or not, life in general, as well as running, can wreak havoc on a body. (Unfortunately I can’t afford that many!) And until the massage therapist finds that “spot” where pain is good because those muscle adhesions are being worked out, you don’t always realize just how tight and overactive your muscles are.

As I’m winding down my 2-week rest phase from the marathon with absolutely no running, I’ve already started registering and picking out other events for 2015! No, there are no more full marathons on the schedule for the year. But, I’m excited to think about what’s next in my personal race agenda as well as looking forward to the next massage!

For tips on race or personal training or recovery from a marathon or other distance event, email me at! :-)