I’m Dreaming of a ViPR Christmas! (25 Dec 2011)

Umm, what?

I am not talking about snakes. I am talking about ViPR!

My Christmas Present to Myself!

Since last January, I have had the rare opportunity to work with ViPRs at the only facility in Georgia that used them. What are they? They are a different type of weight, highly versatile, and once you’ve worked with one – it’s darn near impossible to go back to whatever weight training you did before.

In my personal training world, I have worked with the best of the best personal training team (we put those Biggest Loser loser trainers to shame! Can you tell I’m not a fan? :-P) and worked in a progressive personal training environment. We didn’t just put clients through a “traditional” weight training program with dumbbells and static machines. Nope, we believe in putting people through truly functional, movement-based training. What does that mean?

The buzz words “functional training” get a lot of hype these days and they sound good, but what do they really mean? Any type of movement you do on a regular basis is mimicked with a weight for added resistance and to build strength for your body to be able to handle that movement. As far as “movement-based training” goes, ever walk into a gym and just see members standing or sitting and pumping that weight? Yeah, well, shame on them.

Weight machines are mere training wheels. They do have their place, mind you, but if you want to know how strong you are, pick up a free weight and then move with it. Standing there just pumping a dumbbell isn’t a movement I normally do. No, I move my body throughout the day. Whether I’m squatting, twisting, jumping or lifting while moving, I don’t normally just stand there and look pretty doing something akin to the Tomahawk Chop. 🙂 Now, I’m not going to run with weights over my head like that other profane place called Xfit. Yeah, I can’t even type the word out fully. That’s a dirty word amongst my team members. Why?

Having learned with the best and working with the best and receiving quality, hands-on education as well as earning quality personal training certifications, what some “trainers” fail to do – either out of ignorance or laziness – is train clients in all 3 planes of motion. But, that is another post for another day. One sermon at a time. 🙂

Back to the ViPR! It’s hard to really explain the ViPR until you perform a ViPR workout. My co-worker, Nick Luciano, is a ViPR Master Trainer and at some point, he will be teaching a ViPR certification course at the facility where we work which I can’t wait to get to! I’ve already got many of the moves down, but I can’t wait to learn even more. Lucky for me, I can still learn from him, but this certification stands out among many.

So, come see me if you want to experience the ViPR – it’s not like anything you’ve experienced!

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