If The Shoe Fits . . .

One of the first questions I pose to clients when I assess them is, “How long have you had those shoes?” Most of the time, the answers are 3 months ago or even longer. Aside from checking the treads and just general outer appearance, I can tell when clients need new shoes when I conduct postural assessments to see how they move in their shoes as well as when I perform a total body gait analysis on a treadmill, starting at the foot/ankle and working all the way up the kinetic chain to the head/shoulders.

If the foot and ankle provide the body with support by maintaining balance and stability for dynamic and static posture, it is clearly important to have the proper running shoes. After all, think of how our running feet take a beating! After having performed the assessments, I recommend that all my clients get fitted in proper footwear by a local running shoe store. Most of these stores are educated on footwear based solely on a foot/ankle gait analysis performed on a treadmill and can provide footwear suggestions for customers.

Not long ago, Big Peach Running Company in conjunction with DIVAS Run, showcased Brooks Running shoes with their local representative for Urban Body Fitness members. We talked shop; we talked shoes. And I came away with a new pair of Brooks, the Pure Cadence. (They’re in DIVA Purple!)

I’ve been wearing these for the last couple of months for training clients in and have worn them on a few short runs. I like their light and cushioned feel, but I stick to my Brooks Adrenaline running shoes for my serious runs since they provide me with the stability that my own feet need. The Pure Cadence shoes represent footwear for runners looking for a more natural, closer to the ground, feel. While I have my own thoughts on barefoot running, Vibrams and natural feeling shoes for runners that are not based on the hottest and latest trends but based on actual science and common sense, I will address that issue in a future post.

For now, think on these thoughts: When is the last time you replaced your running shoes? Have you seen yourself running lately? Did you know that footwear affects your posture and running gait? 

If interested in scheduling a complimentary total body gait analysis and basic postural assessment, please feel free to contact me at  sher@divasrun.com. I promise not to try and sell you any shoes – I am just here to help point you in the right running direction!

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