Top 5 Reasons Why Running in the Cold is more Fun than Running in the Heat (A Tongue in Cheek Post – Sort of!)


The weather outside is not quite as frightful, and we’re enjoying unseasonably warm temps compared to last week. I really miss last week’s frigid runs. However, being from and living in Atlanta I know that the cold air will soon return. I’ve long stated how much I love running in the cold and here’s why!

1. Run comfy! It only takes the first mile or two to heat up and be comfortable while still reaping the benefits of cool, refreshing air. The same thing does not hold true for the opposite. The hotter you get in the heat, the hotter you are. Period!

2. No – or less – chafing! Remembering to apply anti-chafing products like Body Glide during the summer months can be annoying. In the winter, wearing tights and more clothes on your body aids in anti-chafing. Of course, this doesn’t mean exposed skin won’t chap like your face or lips. So remember to moisturize, too!

3. Run faster! Well, I do anyway. That little nip in the air and lack of humidity nearly propels me to go faster and farther! Studies show that around 50 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal running temperature and for every 5 degrees above that, there is a 2% increase in effort. I say bring on the cold temps!

4. Breathe again! In the South, especially in Atlanta, we are well known for humidity and sinus problems. Cold weather opens up the sinuses as you run, the mucus membranes thin out and you get to run with your nose. Nix the decongestant and go for a run!

5. Gear up in style! You get to bust out those cute running gloves plus all the other cute wintertime running wear like beanies and comfy tights. I like my new Nike Running Gloves.

The key pocket is larger than my other pair although luckily with running tights you normally have a back zip pocket to secure keys and other smaller items you need.

For my 5 tips for cold weather running, pick up the January edition (page 16) of Atlanta Intown Magazine or view the online edition!

No matter what kind of weather you enjoy running in, JUST RUN!

Do you prefer to run in the cold or in the heat? Why?

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Running in the Cold is more Fun than Running in the Heat (A Tongue in Cheek Post – Sort of!)

  1. Marcia says:

    Amen sister! I’ll take cold over heat anyday. I run SO much better (and faster) when it isn’t sizzling hot. The ice can be a problem here but who can’t use some balance training? Haha!

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