For Boston


Today is Tax Day. It was also the day of one of the most famous marathons – the revered “Boston.” It’s the one full marathon I’ve always dreamed of doing and maybe it is still in my future. I was glued to Twitter early today as I watched to see how Kara was doing and also Shalane. They may have missed the podium today, but they are still fearsome females in running shoes.

Long after they’d finished, the news came in. I was studying at a coffee shop and my fiancé texted me to ask if I’d heard about the bombs. Anyone who is at least my age and older will always remember where we were on 9/11. I remember even being in college during Oklahoma City and on my home turf in Atlanta. Terror just doesn’t want to stay away and you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when it strikes.

Nevertheless, the one thing that whoever did this doesn’t understand is that when you mess with the running community, we don’t back down. Boston will be back. We are wired as the most stubborn and strong-willed athletes there are. Even our sport is a punishment for other sports. Want me to run some laps? Gladly. I almost wish another Boston race were to happen tomorrow just to prove that attempts to strike fear in our hearts are welcomed as just challenges. Running is mostly a mental sport and sometimes we have to dig down deep just to keep going. But that is what we do because that is who we are.

Luckily, everyone I knew who was running as well as those I know who know others who were running were not injured by the explosions. It’s a scary thing to think that someone you know is affected. But there are those people who do know someone. And my heart and prayers go out to them.

Whether or not this act was by some international group as retribution on American soil or a domestic individual who didn’t get into Boston and was mad about it, let’s get one thing straight.

You can take our lives.

You can take our limbs.

You cannot nor will you ever take our running spirit.

Keep running.

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