Marathon Recap and Recovery

“I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.” -Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon


Finally a Marathon Girl!

It has finally happened. I have completed my first full marathon. I’ve run several half marathons and shorter distance races, but now the journey to go all the way has been achieved.

It might seem ironic that I haven’t run a full marathon as a running coach but as I share with my clients, all of whom have completed full marathons, a full marathon is a a much bigger commitment of time and effort. Know what you’re getting into and commit to it.

With my schedule being one of juggling multiple jobs, giving my time to others and their events rather than being able to focus on my own personal goals has been my focus. I have coached many others to their marathon running success, but now it was my turn.


Pumped and ready to Start!

Last autumn, I was able to find the right marathon for the right, preferred running climate (winter and cold temps – yay!) and at the right time before the rest of my year is jam packed full of hosting events (starting in April) and training others to their running success and the the rest of life as I know it.


Mile 17 – feeling lucky!

In short, I picked the best race I could ever have hoped to have run as my first marathon on March 15, The Asheville Marathon. I knew about the race because my husband and I got married in Asheville last year around the same time as the race and I had seen their flyers around town.

The race is held entirely on the Biltmore Estate grounds, we had perfect and beautiful running weather, and the entire experience could not have been better. The volunteers were amazing and so energized. Even the runners were encouraging as we passed each other on “out and back” parts of the course. I found myself along with other runners snapping pictures along the way and just enjoying 26.2 miles as much as possible. Would I return? Absolutely.


About Mile 14-15 – beautiful countryside

I even surprised my husband at how well I felt afterwards. I never hit “the wall.” I hit a wind (full on gusting) in the last 3 miles that slowed me down a bit at the end but I was not in any pain and had only some tightness and fatigue afterwards but I’ve recovered nicely. After all, I’m a running coach so I was as prepared as they come! 🙂 Nevertheless, a trip to the Biltmore Winery after finishing definitely helped move my recovery along! 🙂


Cheers to Finishing!

As part of my recovery, last Friday I FINALLY redeemed a massage certificate that was a Christmas gift because it was time to iron some of those running kinks out. I’m a big believer in massage therapy! I could probably have one massage a day for a month before returning to normal because like it or not, life in general, as well as running, can wreak havoc on a body. (Unfortunately I can’t afford that many!) And until the massage therapist finds that “spot” where pain is good because those muscle adhesions are being worked out, you don’t always realize just how tight and overactive your muscles are.

As I’m winding down my 2-week rest phase from the marathon with absolutely no running, I’ve already started registering and picking out other events for 2015! No, there are no more full marathons on the schedule for the year. But, I’m excited to think about what’s next in my personal race agenda as well as looking forward to the next massage!

For tips on race or personal training or recovery from a marathon or other distance event, email me at! 🙂


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